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Dalian jinmeida door and window factory

Tel: 13019458914

contact number: fifteen billion five hundred and forty-two million six hundred and fifty-two thousand three hundred and eighty-six

Address: No.23, Houshen, jinshanjiao market, Dalian

Zmds: www.zmdcn

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 Dalian sunshine house

Dalian jinmeida Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd Dalian broken bridge aluminum doors and windows Dalian aluminum profile, Dalian spring door, Dalian electric door Dalian induction gate Dalian sunshine house Is a set of design, production, processing, after-sales company.

Dalian Yilong glass produces Dalian fireproof glass Dalian tempered glass Dalian process glass Dalian sliding door Dalian shower room Dalian laminated glass, Dalian sliding door, Dalian mirror, mirror frame and other products, as well as hotel and bath center decoration.

Tel: 13019458914 15542652386

Address: No.23, Houshen, jinshanjiao market, Dalian

Address: No.10 Donghai street, Ganjingzi District

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