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Focus on six advantages of new type bridge broken aluminum doors and windows

Date of issue: 2017-11-13 Author: Click:

 Dalian Duanqiao aluminum

After plastic steel doors and windows and aluminum alloy doors and windows, bridge broken aluminum doors and windows are becoming the pronoun of new doors and windows in China. At present, the thermal insulation aluminum profile is used for the aluminum-plastic composite doors and windows of bridge break, which not only has the advantages of beautiful appearance, light weight, strong stability, corrosion resistance, good plasticity and lightning protection, but also is a popular green product in the world and is gradually popular in the domestic market.

What is thermal insulation bridge broken aluminum doors and windows and the performance of its products:

    Dalian broken bridge aluminum doors and windows It also has a more professional name - aluminum plastic composite doors and windows.

Thermal insulation Dalian Duanqiao aluminum The outstanding advantages of alloy doors and windows are good rigidity, super hardness, good fire resistance, excellent thermal insulation performance, high strength, large daylighting area, atmospheric corrosion resistance, excellent comprehensive performance, long service life and good decoration effect. The use of high-grade aluminum alloy doors and windows with bridge cut-off insulation profiles is the first choice for high-grade building windows and middle-class home decoration.

The water tightness and air tightness of the broken bridge aluminum doors and windows are good, which all meet the national A1 class window standard. Its heat conduction coefficient K value is below 3W / m2? K, which reduces the heat loss by half, reduces the heating cost by about 30%, and the sound insulation loss reaches more than 29 dB. The main structure of the bridge broken aluminum doors and windows is heat insulation aluminum profile and insulating glass, which has the functions of sound insulation, energy saving, dust prevention, noise prevention and waterproof.

The following is the performance and advantages of thermal insulation bridge broken aluminum doors and windows

1. Good fire resistance: aluminum alloy is a metal material, so it is not easy to burn.

2. Good anti prying and anti-theft performance: the aluminum-plastic composite window is equipped with high-grade decorative lock and excellent hardware accessories (such as the horizontally opened upper hanging hardware), which makes it difficult for thieves to steal.

3. Impact resistance: because the outer surface of aluminum plastic composite profile is made of aluminum alloy, with super hardness and good rigidity, its impact resistance is much stronger than that of plastic steel window profile.

4. Various colors: there is a large space for customers to choose from.

5. Avoid the trouble of maintenance: the aluminum plastic composite profile is not easy to be eroded by acid and alkali, and the aluminum doors and windows with broken bridge will not turn yellow and fade, so it is almost unnecessary to maintain.

6. It has a good sealing performance, which makes it warm in winter and cool in summer.

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