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On the selection of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows

Date of issue: 2018-07-30 Author: Click:

 On the selection of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows

    Dalian broken bridge aluminum doors and windows Is the current trend of decoration and replacement of doors and windows, so how about the sound insulation of bridge broken aluminum doors and windows? How about it? Broken bridge aluminum doors and windows are generally equipped with insulating glass, in terms of sound insulation, the general residential area can meet the demand, but if you live in downtown or street, the sound insulation is not so ideal, because the sound insulation quality does not depend on the broken bridge aluminum profile, more windows or glass, so if you want to break the bridge aluminum doors and windows sound insulation is the best, then you have to choose Use proper glass

In general, the way of vacuum radiation between two glass plates is to reduce the vacuum radiation from two glass plates to the lowest one, so that the radiation of two glass plates can be reduced to the lowest level by vacuum sealing.

In principle, Dalian Duanqiao aluminum The sound insulation performance of vacuum glass for doors and windows is good, but as sound insulation glass, vacuum glass has its fatal shortcomings. First, although vacuum can prevent sound transmission, according to the test of Tsinghua University Architectural Physics Laboratory, in order to ensure the vacuum layer, the invisible solid support bracket is added between the glass to form solid sound transmission, and the sound insulation effect is not significantly improved; second, because of the gas leakage and penetration of vacuum glass, as well as the gas gathered on the glass surface, the gas is at temperature It can be desorbed from the surface or surface of the glass or diffused into the vacuum layer under the action of light and sunlight, thus affecting the service life of vacuum glass.

The film in the middle of the laminated glass is equivalent to a damping layer, which can effectively restrain the vibration of the glass and improve the sound insulation performance of the glass. As is known to all, sound waves make glass vibrate and transmit noise by impacting glass. Single layer glass, insulating glass, vacuum glass and laminated glass will vibrate due to the impact of sound wave, and vibration will produce sound. However, the film blocking of laminated glass can effectively reduce the vibration of glass.  

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