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Discussion on the installation of aluminum doors and windows of broken bridge in Dalian

Date of issue: 2020-06-08 Author: Click:

 Dalian broken bridge aluminum doors and windows

1. Installation Dalian broken bridge aluminum doors and windows First, measure the height, width and size of the door and window frame, and then draw the line of high bottom width and narrow on the corresponding leaf edge, and then use the rough plane to smooth and straight, so as to make it meet the design requirements.

2. Installation Dalian Duanqiao aluminum When hinge of doors and windows, finished iron triangle and other parts, lines and grooves shall be carved. The groove shape and groove depth shall be consistent with the thickness of iron parts, and the straight shall prevail. After installation, the switch shall be flexible.

3. The hinge of aluminum doors and windows of Dalian bridge break should be fixed with wood screws instead of nails. The specification of wood screws should meet the requirements. The hammer should be used to drive 1 / 3 of the length of the nail and then screw in. It is strictly forbidden to drive in the whole length. If it is a hardwood product, drill 1 / 3 first.

4. The hole of the depth of the aluminum door and window of the broken bridge in Dalian should be 0.9 times of the diameter of the wood screw, and it should not be twisted or tilted.

Before installing the aluminum doors and windows of the broken bridge in Dalian, it is necessary to check the installed holes and ensure that the wall is wet operated and hardened. When it is necessary to carry out before wet operation, protective measures shall be taken. The materials, equipment preparation, quality requirements and construction technology of plastic steel window installation engineering are vertical and diagonal. After qualified, the iron feet and structure are firmly fixed with expansion bolts.

In the process of using the aluminum doors and windows of the broken bridge in Dalian, we should gently push and pull, not too violent, just like in life, some friends will kick the door with their feet when they are in an emergency or in a bad mood. This is not advocated, and it is also uncivilized together. Over time, it will cause immeasurable damage to doors and windows. What's more, if obstacles are found in the process of opening, we should first investigate and find out the reasons and eliminate the obstacles, instead of using violence to force them to open. Check the joint of doors, windows, walls and frames regularly. If the hardware is loose or the frame is deformed, don't be indifferent. Reinforce and replace the damaged parts in time.

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